Concrete Contractors in New Haven!

So we have been doing some digging and we have been answering some mail, and I must say the one trade that we get asked about again and again is concrete contractors. between the permanence of a good pour, the beauty of stamped concrete, and the thrill of using an excavator, I mean, who wouldn’t want to be one or for that matter hire the best one!

We wanted to get some videos and show some great tutorials for you guys out there that may not even know what type of work may exist in this realm and who covers what. As with any trade there is always some overlap, a lot of landscapers will perform retaining walls, but with that being said, so do excavation contractors and so do concrete and even masonry contractors, but don’t get it mixed up, those are all three separate trades!

Our friends in New Haven CT, CT Concrete Pros showed us a good amount that can be done from stamped concrete, stamped retaining wall, foundation repair, concrete step repair, residential drainage, basement waterproofing, and so on, if you need a good concrete contractor in CT, then these guys are for you. Like a good concrete company, they make sure they go past 4 feet on foundations and that their stamped concrete final product is nice and level. We even used them for patio pavers and we weren’t upset!

Here is a short do it video we found of professionals digging away on what will be a new stamped concrete patio!

I think it is safe to say we would never expect you to perform your own work at home when it comes to something so permanent and so hard to remove as heavy concrete. Foundations especially, that’s what your home is going to be sitting on! Until next week, stay safe and make sure to stay warm!